17 Mar Health Benefits of Organic Tomatoes

Benefits of Organic Tomatoes

March 17, 2016 – Organic tomatoes have an amazing amount of nutrients and vitamins, including amazing amounts of vitamins A, C, and K, and they have pretty good amounts of vitamin B6, folate, and thiamin. What a great source to get your potassium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, and copper. Tomatoes also have dietary fiber and protein, as well as a number of organic compounds like lycopene that also contribute to the overall health benefits of tomatoes.

Lycopene, is an antioxidant that defends against cancer, of many types. And tomatoes are loaded with Lycopene! And the great thing is you still get the same benefits from cooked tomatoes.

One single slice of tomato can give you 40% of your daily vitamin C requirement.

Vitamin A and potassium and Iron. We need potassium to maintain healthy nerves and Iron is essential for blood health, as well as for eye health.

Vitamin K is abundant in tomatoes and we need that for our blood as well, for blood clotting, it also controls bleeding.

Buying organic Tomatoes are better for you because they have the greatest amounts of antioxidants and are not being Sprayed with high quantities of pesticides and insecticides.

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