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26 Mar Stressed much?

Are you in flight or fight mode all the time?

Under normal circumstances, your body can handle the stress. Fight or flight is the mechanism that we were created with, for those dangerous situations, you know when you see a bear, and you have to get out of it’s way fast. We have this cool system called the sympathetic nervous system. What it’s there to do, is shut down your digestive system, so whatever food you have eaten does not get digested its just sits in your stomach. No healing. No digesting. You’re not receiving any of the nutrients from that food that’s sitting in your gut, no matter how healthy you’re eating. All energy, all blood flow is going to your extremities, because you need to escape this situation as fast as you can. But here’s the thing, if every day you are running from that bear, whatever that bear is in your life. When we are continually in stress mode this will breakdown you’re immune system, which in time will lead to sickness. You’re stressed at work, you leave work, and go home but you don’t really leave work, you bring it home and dwell in the stress of the day for the rest of the night. You probably are not even sleeping well. How could you, you have all this stuff you’re worrying about. When you are continually in flight or fight mode, and your sympathetic nervous system is always on, you are leaving the pathways wide open for diseases to walk right in and take over. Literally your body starts to break down under all the stress that is holding you captive. And your immune system weakens your defenses, your army is being stripped of its power to protect you.

Choose to stay out of the drama, choose to stay out of the flight or fight state, Choose to stay healthy.

Feeling stressed here is a tip no matter where you are, even if you’re in your car and someone cuts you off, choose this tip instead of instantly turning on your flight or fight response, because to your body and your mind – There is that bear staring you in the face and all it knows is RUN!!! Your body cannot tell the difference and the Sympathetic nervous system will shut down your digestive system.

Breathe, yes, breathe – Slowly in through your nose and out through your nose.

Breathe in for a count of 5 slowly and hold it for a count of 5 and breathe out try for a count of 7. Repeat this 10 x. Your body will relax and you will of just done your body good. The best part It’s free. If you can close your eyes and do this that’s great if not that’s fine too. What is important is that you find a way to stay out of the stress response mode. 90 % of all disease stems from stress. Give it all to God,Stay out of drama, and breathe.

Lake Mary Health Coach

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