Addiction by choice or by design

04 May Addiction by choice or by design!

We are addicted to food, but is it by choice? We love cookies, cake, Bread, ooooh Bread, bagels, muffins, crackers and pasta. Fruit loops, whole wheat cheerios, coke, Juice, doughnuts! Those are some of everyone’s favorites. And we just keep eating them. It’s so, so hard to turn those down. Why? Is this an addiction by design?

What do you think? I personally think it’s by design. These foods are meant to leave you wanting more.

Manufacturers are so smart, they want you to keep buying their products, they are designed and created, yes created to leave you wanting more. Created to leave you saying “mmm nom nom soooo” yummy! I want more of that. You think your giving your kids a treat, a few cookies, a little snack a bag of chips, but in reality you’re actually helping the manufacturer create another addict. And creating patients for doctors to stay very busy. Diabetes, heart disease and obesity is what’s in the future. When we eat foods that are full of sugar, there is a part of our brain that glows with excitement. Which of course sets off the trigger of wanting more.

When society finally discovers that refined sugar is just another white powder, along with pure cocaine, it will change its mind and attitude toward refined food addiction. Dr. Serge H. Ahmed
He also proved that SUGAR was eight times as addictive as cocaine. published in the food and addiction journal. And you wonder why your kids want more cookies, Coco Krispies, candy. But it’s not your fault!!! Processed foods are designed to do exactly that. They are designed and CREATED to keep you buying more.

You just finished a meal of Pasta, which is high in carbs, which causes insulin to be released, aka the hunger hormone. Which causes you to eat more, and store fat. The sauce you used was Prego, which has more sugar then 2 Oreo cookies, had some nice warm bread with the same reaction of the pasta, and a salad with Wishbone Italian dressing with its 490 milligrams of salt or Kraft Italian dressing with its 300 milligrams of salt. All perfectly designed for you to want more……. It really is not our fault. It is an addiction by design.

Is it time to make some changes in the way you’re eating? Do you need help, support, steps so you can make the change? Set up a FREE discovery session, lets figure out if I can help you. I Believe it’s possible because I Believe in you.

I Believe we all can live life, and live it longer and healthier

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