Stop Making Health Excuses

09 May Stop excuses for not making the right choice!

Dig deep and do what’s best for your health

So yesterday as I was trying to get out of the house on time to make it to my session at the gym, the back of my heel caught the edge of the screen door and dug out a chunk of meat. OUCH!! I actually broke the door that is how hard it caught me. I stood their for a second and contemplated on not going. Ugh. I didn’t really notice how bad I was cut. I knew it hurt! But it’s at that moment I could have chosen not to go and work out, it would have been a great excuse, right?

Well it’s in those moments when you come up with all those really GOOD excuses for not making the right choice about what to eat or to go get your exercise in, that you have to dig deep and do what’s best for your health. It is really easy to make bad choices, for whatever reason the bad choices are always easier. Going to the grocery store it’s easier to buy pre-made faux food, then to choose healthy organic veggies and organic chicken or grass-fed beef or wild caught fish and make a healthy real food meal. But can I just tell you the gratification you will get after you dug deep and got it done – I went and got my exercise done, and was so glad I did. When I got home took off my sock that’s when I realized how deep this cut was. I had to put Doterra Helichrysum essential oil on it, to help stop the bleeding. Love my Doterra oils.

My goal is to take back my health to keep the disease at bay, to keep my bones strong to have life and vitality in my years. This won’t happen if I choose the easy way out. Your DNA can be changed but you have to work at it. Is heart disease in your family? How about diabetes? Or autoimmune disease? Well, that does not mean you have to end up with those. But YOU have to make the hard choices. Keep making those choices and after a while they won’t be hard, it will just be what you do. Does that mean you can’t enjoy life? No, you will enjoy it more and longer, just saying. Does that mean that you won’t cheat every now and then? No, but it won’t throw you off course when you do. You will just move forward without judgment. Enjoy your cheat and don’t stress over it, don’t try to hide behind your own back and cheat, enjoy the moment, and then get back on track. You only get one body take care of it.

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