29 Dec How to achieve your GOALS IN 2017

Every new year we look back at what we have accomplished in the previous year. Have we met our goals? Have we tackled a big project? Cleared out the clutter in our lives? Built better relationships? Stuck to our health goals? Have you made big changes in your life? Well as I am sitting here contemplating all these things, I can say I have made some Big changes, moving from my house that we have been in for 18 years. This alone has brought on a lot of emotion. Its been bitter sweet. I am excited about our new house but at the same time I am saddened to tears over leaving this house. With it’s many memories good and bad. This kind of thing causes a lot of stress. Stress causes you to not eat as well as you should among other things. But, it’s ok. No judgment. I will get back on track, with some accountability. We all need accountability it’s what keeps us on track. Doing it on your own just doesn’t always work. But having someone to support you makes all the difference.


I have cleared clutter that’s for sure. Clearing clutter is such a freeing thing. No matter how small the clutter is, it can bring tension. Have you ever just cleared the junk from your wallet and felt like you could breathe easier. Clearing clutter from our lives helps to release some stress. Yes, clutter causes stress. Stress, oh stress! Even the word causes stress. Such a small word that can cause so much havoc in our health. We will never in this world be able to get away from it completely. But learning how to cope with it, how to distress every day is important. Get outside, seriously we need to get outside, meditate and just breathe, 15 minutes, don’t think about anything just breathe. Make that a goal for this next year.  My goal is to support as many woman as I can with their health goals.


I LOVE to see women take back control of their health. The problem here is we are married to what we eat. And making the changes we need to make to get to our healthiest usually gets put off. I know I should or shouldn’t but…… you fill in the blank with what ever excuse you want. But what excuse really is that important. My goal is to help women to add life in their years and years to their life. I want to see women enjoy their family, not having their family worried about them because they are sick. Really, eating things that you know is not serving your health goals just to make others feel better, every now and then is ok, but when you are doing this all the time over time it will take its toll on your body, if it hasn’t already. But there is hope. I love giving hope! Think how awesome it would be if you would be the example, to others in your circle.


You can be the one that is not having health issues, or the one that has their health issue under control because of the changes you have made in your life. Be the example for some to be inspired to make the same changes in their life. You can make small changes that will help your children to have a healthy chance. Instead of setting them up for health issues down the road. Yes, it is down the road they will be having an issue because of what they eat today. Of course you want them to enjoy life now, again it’s ok, as long as the majority of the time they are eating healthy.


Make it your goal in 2017 to start to take control of your health. Let’s do it together!


Connie Ortiz

Health and wellness coach


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