How did I end up here? How did I end up as a Health coach? Well actually I have always had a desire to help people look and feel better. I had a 30 year career in the Beauty Industry as a Nail Tech. So helping people look and feel great on the outside was just something I did. But with that came the counseling I did while they where in my chair.

I watched my father struggle with heart disease and take so many pills, and the only result that came from that was that every organ in his body deteriorated which eventually took his life. Then I watched my mother go through pretty much the same thing. Taking so many pills each day. I was noticing again how, our medical industry was all about giving pills which only caused so many negative side affects, which caused them to just have to take more pills. And the cycle goes on and on.

I have been blessed with relatively good health throughout my life though with the widely experienced challenges of periodic weight gain, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, and depression. After watching what my parents went through I became so opposed to pharmaceutical solutions that treat symptoms instead of root causes. It was during this time that I realized the solutions to our physical and emotional health issues are often remedied by making necessary changes in our thought lives, dietary choices, and levels of physical activity. I believe that we are never too old to start something new, and it is never too late to bring healing to our bodies.

Life, from start to finish, can be filled with joy, health, and meaning. When we approach our lives holistically, understanding that simple choices can have profound and lasting impacts for good or bad, we become empowered to take back the responsibility for our own well-being from a medical community often motivated more by economic gain than by the restoration of health. A holistic approach to life means unifying mind, body and spirit through consistent daily practice. My mission is to show you how to nourish mind and body to bring healing to your deepest thoughts and feelings, enabling you to become more present, alive, and confident, while giving you more energy to live the life you were meant to live.